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artists & Athletes

All the artists or athletes I collaborate with hire me either for specific phases such as releases, promotional

appearances, sport events or tours or, sometimes, to provide ongoing support.

In the majority of cases, our collaboration takes the following form: 

The artists continue to manage their channels (for the most part) themselves but ask me to assist

them when it comes to coordination, organization and content creation. In particular, that could


  • Bringing order to creative chaos, for example by developing an editorial calendar,
    a social media
     strategy or an appropriate feed design 

  • Carrying out profile and hashtag analyses as well as overhauling existing channels

  • Helping to write editorial posts

  • Creating advertisements, events, competitions, etc.

  • Regular reminders of dates and deadlines in the editorial calendar

  • On request, being responsible for posts, answering comments and messages
    as well as community
     management in general

  • Accompanying clients to concerts and appearances or on tour, to enable me to generate social media
    content on the spot and if necessary coordinate media representatives. Occasionally taking
     on tour management tasks subject to agreement

  • Hiring photographers and / or videographers if required

  • In consultation with the management, taking care of communication with, for instance, local promoters
    and organizers regarding promotional material, social media campaigns, Facebook
     events, etc.

  • Attending regular meetings and conducting phone calls to discuss next steps and plan content together

  • Being permanently available on-call to deal with all aspects of social media (settings, legal, hashtags, cross-media posts, etc.) 

This kind of collaboration is invariably highly personalized, both in terms of the time frame and

content-wise. My number one goal here is to help the artists and athletes concerned re-focus their energies on

what they like doing most – namely making music or doing sport– and be at hand to assist them as effectively as

possible with their social media activities.

On-site support

In addition to permanent or long-term projects, I also regularly look after customers at one-off or recurring events, which usually last several days. The focus of my work is on on-site support.

My tasks here include:

  • Pre-planning and discussion of goals during the assignment.

  • Be live on site all day.

  • Writing of editorial posts and taking over the post.

  • Generating content for the social media channels, here the focus is mostly on the respective stories.

  • If there is no photographer on site, then so is the generation of image material.

  • Support of the team on site in all social media matters.


For example, I have already been live on site for the following events (usually over several days):

  • Stuttgart German Masters (the largest international indoor horse show in the world).
    Commissioned by one of the sponsors of the event for 5 days.

  • BadenClassics Offenburg (international horse show).
    Commissioned by one of the sponsors of the event for 5 days.

  • German School Prize (With the German School Prize, the Robert Bosch Foundation and the Heidehof Foundation - together with ARD and the ZEIT publishing group - honor good schools and their innovative school concepts.) Accompaniment for 2 days to one of the school visits.

  • Allstar Cup (international fencing tournament). Commissioned by one of the sponsors of the event for 3 days.

Temporary projects

One of my core competencies is brand building on social media, therefore  I have regular assignments, which usually amount to a period of 1-12 months, in which it comes to a  Project  or to make a tour "big" on different networks. The channels are then handed over to the customer or "paused" because the project is no longer active.

My tasks here include:

  • Creation of a strategy to achieve communicated goals.

  • More dragging for months Editorial plan.

  • Writing of editorial posts and taking over the posting.

  • Brand building and generation of reach.

  • Creation  of advertisements  

  • Consultation with management, partners, etc.

  • Community management

  • Tracking trends and adapting them to the respective project


For example, I have already been involved in building brands for the following projects  responsible :

  • SWR1 Baden-Wuerttemberg

  • The Original Harlem Globetrotters (Germany)

  • BW-Bank Kulturwasen

  • Hans Klok (Germany tour)

  • TanksGiving Festival



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