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Manuel Dörflinger

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Music only works with the right groove and a social media post only works with the right move.


You have the groove for the move: With the right feeling for the moment, for the right tonality of the words and for the right emotionality of the images.


And all of this calmly, professionally and still passionately.Thank you Mareike, gladly again and again!




Working with Mareike is always fun.

I trust her 100%. She is always well informed and for me a very creative and reliable contact person in all social media matters.


I've known her for almost 10 years and I'm a huge fan of her both personally and professionally.

C2 Concerts

Christian Doll

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Mareike actively supported our social media activities at the BW-Bank Kulturwasen festival in summer 2020. She managed our entire social network presence on Facebook and Instagram day after day to our fullest satisfaction over a period of three months.

Her ability to write such a huge number of editorial posts, each one fine-tuned to our target and user groups, was quite awesome. And in her unagitated way, she also coordinated agreements and terms between photographers and the artists’ managers. We were really impressed by Mareike’s passionate commitment and her pleasant professionalism, and I’m sure we’ll be working with her again in the future!




Working with Mareike is not only a gain from a professional point of view, but also good for the soul. With her help I finally managed to be constantly active on social media. It helped me to reduce my fear of contact with social networks and made my layout more uniform and professional.


Mareike was always there for me - really around the clock - gave me constructive feedback on my planned content and always brought new ideas with her. In addition, she always knew about the latest trends and tips. Thanks to Mareike, I now know how I can use my channels in the future and who to call if I don't know what to do next.


Marc Osswald

Tanks Giving.png

As a local promoter, we took a big risk during the corona pandemic and founded a new festival. This only works in the right location, with a convincing artist line-up and the right advertising and communication strategy.


It is also Mareike's merit that one wheel engages another here. Your knack for the well-considered, cautious and at the same time emotionally appealing structure of our social media channels was one of the central keys to an extremely successful festival start for Tanks Giving in Tübingen.


1000 thanks for your daily and tireless commitment.




The cooperation with Mareike is super professional!

Not only does it do a lot for me creatively when my everyday life is a little more stressful, but also creates filters or stickers that match releases that can be used immediately. She also advises me on marketing issues and accompanies me during my live performances in order to create video material there and then edit and publish it individually tailored to me.

I trust her completely and know that I can rely on her. Great luxury!




Before our coaching I already knew that Mareike had already successfully worked with many musicians and is currently still looking after them, that's why I turned to her.


In addition to her professional competence, she is a good-hearted person, we were on the same wavelength within seconds. It felt like we'd known each other for years. This makes working together fun and I hope that Mareike will also support me in my upcoming promo phases.





Working with Mareike is uncomplicated, friendly and 100% goal-oriented and professional. Reachable quickly, even at atypical working hours, it is also a huge plus!


Right from the start I felt that I was in good hands with her. Mareike responded very professionally to my wishes and ideas and implemented them 100%. In a very goal-oriented manner, she worked out a strategy with me to bring my channels forward.


In only 2 months Mareike has managed to increase the reach of my channels enormously and explained to me step by step how I can implement this myself in the future. I am looking forward to all upcoming promo and concert phases, in which I will definitely be back want to work with her.


Constanze Sterzik

LKA Longhorn

We brought Mareike on board in September 2021 to expand our social media activities, because as a concert location we were and of course have become aware, especially during the pandemic, of the importance of a professional appearance on social networks. We were particularly impressed by Mareike's personality and her expertise in the music industry.


We have given both Instagram and Facebook completely into their hands and we are more than happy about our decision. Above all, how she handles community management, finding ideas and communicating with our team is positive. In the first few months it has already brought about great developments and we are planning a long-term cooperation. Dear Mareike, I am so happy to have you on our team. Thanks for that!


Sabine Doerr


We have been working with Mareike for a long time on the ones we sponsored sports events together.


Regardless of whether dressage or show jumping or fencing or media appointments with "our" athletes, day, evening or at the weekend - she is always well prepared, advises us professionally and implements her ideas fully in our interest.


We are very satisfied with the results on our social media channels. Working with Mareike is fun and results-oriented.




Having Mareike on my team is a great enrichment for me and makes a lot of things easier for me.


She keeps track of my channels and their development. She gives me helpful tips and develops strategies tailored to my needs in order to progress as a musician even in this difficult time.


Beyond her job, Mareike not only sees her clients, but also the people behind them. When it comes down to it, she is always there and available with professional advice. Even if all else fails, it is as reliable as a reserve parachute that brings you gently to the ground or even provides you with a completely new upswing with new ideas.


Moritz Rudolph

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Working with Mareike is fantastic. She is always there with all her heart, thinks ahead and convinces with her competence.


Since she is also a great person, I would immediately hire her permanently - if she ever went back to being an employee. Thank you Mareike for the best teamwork! 

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