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  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management, specializing in

      Sports Management

  • Social Media Manager Advanced                                      (Chamber of Industry and Commerce)

  • 3 years at Chimperator Live / Im Wizemann

  • Child of the 90s, digital native

  • Specialist for the music and sports industries

  • Offices in Stuttgart, able to work anywhere


Office: +49 (0) 711 84978316

Mobile: +49 (0) 160 99174503

How I got there

Concerts and events of all kinds have held a fascination for me from an early age, and I’ve always been curious about all the activities going on in the background that are crucial for success. I’m particularly excited by marketing and social media management because the combination of creativity, strategy and authenticity in the media is what I’m really passionate about.

While still a student and also afterwards, I gained 3 years of professional experience in marketing with Chimperator Live and at Im Wizemann, one of Stuttgart’s hippest venues. During this time, I worked with a wide variety of firms and artists, managed countless concerts and projects (including the “Konzertsommer” festival) and continually developed my skillset.

At the end of 2019, I took the plunge and set up in business as a freelance social media manager. Since then, I’ve successfully supported a whole range of people and enterprises, mainly from the music and event industry, in all aspects of social media management.


Lifelong learning and a keen interest in relevant issues and trends are something I take for granted.

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